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Things to do    
The best thing to do on our farm is to relax the mind, lying in a field full of flowers listening to the birds chirping. Alternatively we can go TREKKING along the CAI routes which climb up the Apennines in search of bivouacs, high peaks max. 2000 m, enchanting lakes of glacial origin, picking scrumptious blueberries or wild strawberries along the way.

Walks in the chestnut or beech woods in SEARCH OF PORCINI MUSHROOMS (if they sprout). We can reach the bivouacs of Siviglioli, old regional command area of the Partisans, now pub offering good deals for those staying on the farm. The Prato Fiorito mountain is perfect for breathtaking launches with the PARAGLIDER, in fact enthusiasts of this sport come here from all over Italy.

The Lima torrent which flows in the valley where the village of Bagni di Lucca rises thanks to its impetuous rapids offers thrilling descents in RAFTS AND CANOES. On the first Sunday of May the “PRATOFIORITO BIKE” race, valid for the national mountain bike championship, passes right by our farm so for enthusiasts of this sport there is no better zone. HORSE RIDING is also possible both for beginners and the more expert in a nearby stables.

The closest seaside resort is Versilia, which is 1 hour away by car, so it is also possible to spend a wonderful day out at the sea lying on the golden sandy beaches and return in the evening to enjoy the “fresh air” of the Apennines.

A wider space is reserved to the natural area of “ORRIDO DI BOTRI” which we can discover with guided excursions inside the canyon; there is also a public house offering good deals to those staying on the farm.

The Orrido di Botri is a wild imposing calcareous gorge with steep walls dug into the depth of the cold waters of the Rio Pelago torrent; the canyon inserts itself in an Apennine landscape which is characterised by the rocky environments and beech expanses, dominated by the tops of Mount Rondinaio and the Three Potenze which reach 2000 metres in height.

The Orrido di Botri is an authentic corner of wilderness where the presence of man since time immemorial has left the beauty of the places untouched and where it is possible, still today, to find an extremely rich and interesting flora.

As to the fauna, the mammals here include the roe deer, fallow deer, hare, squirrel, prairie dog, diffused on Monte Rondinaio, the fox, skunk and boar; a small group of wild goats, of 20 specimens, are a local curiosity.

Birdlife is represented by different species of birds of prey like the golden eagle, which still nests here, and is the symbol of the Orrido, the goshawk, the sparrow hawk, the buzzard, the honey buzzard, the tawny owl, the barn owl, the hoot owl, the kestrel, the peregrine falcon and even perhaps the mysterious eagle owl.

The passerines include the curious aquatic blackbird, the yellow ballerina, the redtail chimneysweep, the wheatear, the speckled hammer, the mountain swallow and the colourful wall-climbing woodpecker; interesting is also the presence of a small nucleus of red partridge. Visits inside the Orrido di Botri must be with an authorised guide, and weave in and out along two itineraries of different difficulty, which can be travelled only in summer.

The guided tours start from Ponte a Gaio, only access point to the gorge, where there is an information point of the corps of forest rangers, open only in summer, and the new tourist facilities set up by the Comunità Montana della Media Valle del Serchio.

In the Reserve any activity which can jeopardise the safety of the landscape, natural environments, fauna and flora are forbidden; in particular it is forbidden to disturb the wild fauna, light fires and camp, pick flowers and plants, remove minerals and leave behind any litter.

Bagni di Lucca, the largest mountain "comune" in Italy; It has altitudes ranging from 150 meters above sea level to the almost 1300 meters above sea level of Mount Pratofiorito. We can visit fascinating villages, on the mountaintops or downstream where they are crossed by the torrent Lima, all of them offering breathtaking views framed by the lights and colors donated by nature itself.



Trekking on our mountains
Pania Secca
Orrido di Botri
(panoramic view)
(panoramic view)
The spas    
Our closeness to the thermal baths of Bagni di Lucca deserves a mention in that precisely our spas were the preferred destination of painters, writers, and other famous and wealthy English classes from the end of the 18th century and for the entire 19th century. An English church and a cemetery which has numerous tombs of people who died in our country bear witness to this.

All this contributes to enriching the offer of health and relaxation of this land, in fact the spas offer therapeutic treatments, beauty treatments and psycho-physical wellbeing. Modern facilities provide areas for playing tennis, five-aside football, athletics, swimming in both summer and winter in the thermal pools.



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